Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bain de Terre Review

I absolutely LOVE my Bain de Terre shampoo and conditioner. I first found it at a hair conference my mom took me this past April in Toronto. It was with the Joico products. I bought the Green Meadow shampoo, conditioner, and heat protector spray. I had originally bought it because it was cheap ($15 Cdn for all three!) but I would buy them again in a heart beat. It made my hair feel really soft and shiny and it is gentle enough for every day use. It also smells absolutely INCREDIBLE. The only downside I found was that I had to use almost a toonie-size amount to get any lather, although when I used less it still got my hair clean. I also have long, thick hair so I find I have to use more to get the product evenly dispersed throughout my hair.

And then I ran out near the end of the summer, which was a bummer. But my mom recently bought me some more Bain de Terre, but this time in Passion Flower Colour Preserving shampoo. The only thing is, my hair isn't colour treated. But I find it still gets the job done and still smells amazing.
I definitely give the Bain de Terre shampoo/conditioner two thumbs WAY up! Definitely a five star shampoo for an inexpensive price.

***Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with the company represented in this post.

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